Anthony Paxson, Mortgage Consultant

Wintrust Mortgage


After 22 years in the mortgage-lending business, Anthony Paxson calls himself a “let’s-hang-out-after-this” kind of originator. “There is a fine line between business and friendship, and I like being on both sides of the fence,” he says.

Paxson’s first encounter with the mortgage industry happened when he was recruited during his time at Arizona State University. He spent the first few years of his career traveling the country, talking to like-minded agents and drumming up business.

Paxson has always tried to be an educator to his clients, whether they’re first-time buyers or experienced property managers. “The industry is ever-changing, and the loan process is different today than it was five, 10, 15 years ago, so even for someone who’s purchased previously, the experience today is probably going to look a little different,” he says. “I love finishing a loan and feeling like my clients know what they just did and where they are going forward.”

In the past eight years, Paxson made it his personal mission to become a VA loan specialist. “I came to Wintrust because it gave me the ability to be licensed nationwide,” he explains. “When working with active-duty military, it’s necessary that I’m able to help them no matter where they get stationed.”

Paxson’s stepfather was in the Army, so he moved around a lot as a kid. “I saw the struggle my mom went through moving away from family and the stress of constantly packing up and leaving,” he recalls. “I understand the perspective of uprooting a family, and I feel like having that perspective helps me empathize with my active-duty clients.”

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