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Team up with a partner (or several) for prospecting success

Amy Corr, of @properties Christie’s International Real Estate, suggests teaming up with fellow agents to create a prospecting group. “Working in a group gives you the opportunity to share tips, ideas and challenges,” she says.

The secret to a long, successful real estate career? Ditch the sales pitches and swagger. Just listen.

“I have seen fellow agents dish out thousands of dollars to learn ‘pitches’ and, God forbid, ‘swagger.’ I assure you there is not one past client I was honored to work with who cared about my swagger, and they would smell a sales pitch a mile away,” writes Diane Terry, a Seattle real estate industry veteran.

Elevating excellence: The high calling of real estate agents

“Some agents, especially those with limited experience, stumble over the complexities,” writes Top Coach Dennis Jones. But he has solutions.

How I lost 240 pounds and grew my real estate business fivefold

“At my heaviest, I was 440 pounds, exhausted and unfulfilled, and my income was stagnant because I was unhealthy and, therefore, less productive,” says Top Coach Amy Izzo. Then she lost 240 pounds and grew her income to five times what it was three years ago.

How to generate real estate leads and strike gold on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram has been like a “gold rush” for agents, writes Lee Davenport, a real estate educator. Here’s how to up your game.

How to be proactive, not reactive, in business and leadership

“I see leading as a proactive practice that brings balance to the reactivity of business and life,” says Top Coach Shawn Preuss. “Proactive means being out in front, looking ahead, planning and communicating.”

Tips to succeed during an economic downturn

“A recession is your time to shine!” says top coach Leigh Brown, president of NC REALTORS®. And she has tips on how.

Creating a lending business plan — from referrals to reels

Jenny Sepulveda, the executive vice president of sales coaching and development at Guaranteed Rate, shares tips for lenders to a create effective business plans.

Price it right with three simple questions

Coach Mike Pallin of The Floyd Wickman Team offers some DOs and DON’Ts for getting a home priced right at the listing appointment.

3 things to do to take advantage of the shifting market

Jared James, an entrepreneur, coach and author, offers a couple of tips to help you take advantage of this “shifting market.”

How a coach can help you gain the skills to succeed in a changing real estate market

There is still ample opportunity in the market for buyers and sellers, as well as agents, says David McGhee, VP of coaching at Buffini & Company. What will be different is the skill set agents need to develop to succeed.

Become a top agent in any market: Winning strategies to double your income in 2023

As you maximize the remainder of 2022 and prepare your business plan for 2023, real estate coach Sherri Johnson has six proven strategies for success.

Does recruiting REALLY solve everything?

Real estate coach Ken Goodfellow offers advice for solving brokerage issues that reaches beyond recruitment.

The who, what, when, where, why and how of new construction

“New construction is a major part of most markets. Not knowing new construction is a handicap to your career.” — Tim & Julie Harris

The simplest path to a 6-figure year

Success is not easy, but it’s also not complicated. To build a sustainable, profitable, consistent business, you must get granular: Chunk things down into manageable pieces.

Stand out in any market

The real estate industry is beyond crowded — how can you cut through all that noise to stand out? Top coach Krista Mashore has tips.

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