Dominic Mancini, Branch Manager & SVP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate


Lending has been Dominic Mancini’s only career, and he’d have it no other way. 

“After graduating from college, I went straight into lending because a great opportunity presented itself,” says Mancini, branch manager and SVP of mortgage lending for Guaranteed Rate. He has been with the company for 15 of his 19 years in the industry. “I always knew I’d probably be doing something client-facing because of my love for people and my dad who’s in real estate.”

Being a branch manager gives him the resources, support and decision-making authority he needs to succeed in the highly competitive world of loan origination.

“My clients value my integrity first and foremost,” he says. “While everyone’s time and business are of value, it never makes sense to pressure clients into something that isn’t in their best interest.  I am here to build relationships. People trust that I won’t steer them the wrong way.”

Although a lot of the work he does is online, he keeps the process personal. “If someone wants or needs to ask a question, there will be a human (usually me) to help them,” he says.

An award-winning loan officer—he has long maintained President Club and Chairman’s Circle status—Mancini is prepared to handle almost any hurdle that comes his way. He has a deep understanding of the market and the latest regulations, which enables him to offer clients the best loan options and close deals effectively. He also tailors his approach to each client, making sure they feel heard, understood and valued. This personal approach to each transaction has resulted in a business he can proudly say is based mostly on referrals.

Married with three children, he treasures family time, is active in his kids’ school and contributes to the Ray Graham Association in honor of his sister, who has special needs.

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