Sam Warda, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate


A huge accomplishment for Sam Warda was achieving President’s Club status with his company for the second year in a row last year and also ranking among the country’s top mortgage loan originators by Scotsman Guide in both 2021 and 2022. Though his business style is hands-on, he applauds his team at Guaranteed Rate for their commitment and relentless client-centric approach, which allows for maximum efficiency and an exceptional client-service experience.

Prior to mortgage finance, Warda worked as a bank teller during college and, later, as a personal banker. Among all the facets of banking he was exposed to, mortgage lending was the most intriguing. Upon recognizing his talent, a top loan officer at the bank recommended Warda for promotion. Proving himself year after year, he continued to grow in his career and has helped others actualize their real estate dreams for the past decade. 

A former computer science major, Warda loves that mortgage lending combines his passions for technology, finance and people into one vocation. With a focus in residential home lending, he is experienced in a multitude of loan types, from conventional to unique specialty products. Known for being accessible, communicative and knowledgeable, Warda’s client retention is high because of the personalized care he provides. “People see how much I care to help them, how fast I am, and they can tell I am very experienced and a high-producing loan officer,” he says.

Faith, family and health are incredibly important to Warda. He is proud to have made work-life balance a priority in the past year to spend more time with his wife, his four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. He also enjoys sports, hiking and travel—especially on cruise ships.

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