How far will a $1,500 rent budget get you in Arizona?

by Emily Marek

A $1,500 monthly rent budget will only get you so far in many of the biggest cities in the country. But how far can that same budget get you in Arizona?

Rentcafe used MLS data from 200 U.S. cities to determine which city offers the most square footage for $1,500 per month.

Nationally, $1,500 will on average get you a 782-square-foot apartment — of course, that size varies widely from city to city. For example, in No. 1-ranked Wichita, Kansas, $1,500 is a pretty sizable budget, with which you’ll be able to afford a 1,463-square-foot apartment. But in Manhattan, ranked lowest on the list — you’re unlikely to find even a studio apartment for that price (in fact, you’ll be crammed into just 243 square feet of space). It’s a similar story for most big cities on the East and West Coasts.

When it comes to large cities, meaning those with populations over 225,000, Arizona’s highest ranking city was Tucson, where the average apartment has a monthly rent of $1,239 at 762 square feet. A $1,500 budget will get you more space — almost 200 square feet of it, which puts Tucson at No. 37.

However, most of the big cities in Arizona fall towards the opposite end of the list — that is, renters on a $1,500 budget will be stuck with smaller-than-average sized apartments.

Phoenix came in at No. 62 on the list of large cities — with an average rent of $1,556 citywide, a $1,500 budget will fetch you an apartment sized just below the average of 801 square feet. You’ll find similar rental sizes on a $1,500 budget in Mesa, Glendale, Chandler and Gilbert.

In Scottsdale, it’s considerably more expensive: The average apartment costs $2,098 per month, so on a budget of $1,500 you’ll be squeezing into 674 square feet (the city’s average apartment is 943 square feet).

Arizona is also home to some smaller cities (defined as those with populations under 225,000) where renters get less space on a $1,500 budget. Tempe ranked as the No. 71 place for space — the average monthly rent is $1,909, so a $1,500 budget will get you only 690 square feet. It’s a slightly better story in Peoria and Surprise, where the same budget can afford apartments of 825 square feet and 844 square feet, respectively.

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