Don’t paint your house these colors if you’re trying to sell

by Emily Marek

There’s a reason many homeowners opt for neutral shades when trying to sell their house — certain flashy colors may be off-putting to buyers.

According to a study from Fixr, 59% of staging and design professionals say red is the most off-putting color to buyers, followed closely by lime green.

Other colors on the do-not-paint list include bright yellow, mustard yellow, pink, turquoise and black, although the study notes that many of these shades could work as an accent or in moderation.

On the flip side, certain color palettes are likely to increase a home’s value, such as warm neutrals, whites, neutrals with deep color accents, cool neutrals and rich or deep colors, like earth tones or subdued jewel tones.

Despite these trends, homeowners who aren’t looking to sell should ultimately choose a paint color that resonates with them, not potential buyers. “It’s important to consider color trends if you are thinking of selling your home in the near term,” Bethany Adams, principal at Bethany Adams Interiors, said in the report. “But if resale isn’t an issue, I say go with what you love.”

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