Renters can get a lot for their income in Surprise

by Emily Marek

via RentCafe

Renters can get a lot for their money in the Phoenix suburb of Surprise — in fact, the city ranks as the No. 2 place in the country with a healthy balance between income and monthly expenses, allowing renters the opportunity for financial stability.

RentCafe analyzed the average annual income in cities across the country and compared that with the average monthly expenses for basic necessities, including rent, utilities, food, healthcare, transportation and goods and services to see which areas provide renters with the best options for financial stability.

Surprise came in at No. 2, just behind Sunnyvale, California. With a household renter income of $86,236 annually and an average monthly rent of only $1,781, renters in Surprise spend only a fraction of their income on housing. Given that other basic utilities and costs, in Surprise are cheaper than in many other cities — with utilities, food, healthcare, transportation and goods and services costing just over $1,000 per month — renters have a lot of money left over after expenses. In fact, the monthly costs for transportation ($41) and healthcare ($269) were the cheapest in the nation, while the monthly cost for goods and services ($183) ranked No. 2.

Also in the top 10 cities overall was Scottsdale at No. 7. The city boasts one of the highest median annual incomes for renters in the country, $82,865, with additional monthly costs right in line with the national average at $1,087 per month. So, while rent there is slightly higher than the national average of $2,000, Scottsdale is still one of the best places for a renter to stretch their income.

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