Can these boomtowns accommodate their new residents?

by Emily Marek

via moveBuddha

Experts predict that Phoenix — along with several other fast-growing cities — will be one of the most populated places in America by 2100. But can these metros actually handle all that growth?

Based on population trends from the U.S. Census Bureau, Phoenix will be home to 22,271,212 people by 2100, making it the fourth most populated metro area in the country. moveBuddha examined a number of factors that impact a city’s ability to accommodate its residents, like school availability, hospital beds, traffic and housing, to determine just how well The Valley of the Sun will handle over 17 million new Phoenicians.

Projections show that Phoenix will need to add over 6.6 million households by 2100 in order to keep the same people-to-household ratio as 2021. That’s not all — the metro would also need to expand by about 1,500 square miles in order to fit all that new housing.

Furthermore, Phoenix would need over 20,000 additional hospital beds and over 7,000 new schools, all while a total of 17,765,818 drivers cause traffic.

Phoenix isn’t the only metro that needs to expand in order to accommodate its future residents. moveBuddha predicts that Dallas, Houston, Austin, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, Orlando and Miami also have a lot of growing to do as population continues to shift around the U.S. during the remainder of the 21st century.

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