Phoenix ranks among best cities in the world

by Emily Mack

Phoenix came in at No. 88 in this year’s 2023 World’s Best Cities Report, a comprehensive annual study by Resonance Consultancy.

Looking beyond tourist appeal, this ranking takes many factors into account. Among them: infrastructure, nature, the arts, entertainment, culture, diversity and business prosperity. And Phoenix fared well.

In recent years, Phoenix has experienced the fastest growth of any major U.S. city, surging to No. 5, nationally, in terms of population. According to the most recent census, 1.6 million people now reside in the city proper — 5 million in the entire metro.

Phoenix also boasts many museums and a colorful artist community, visible in the Roosevelt Row Arts District — or RoRo, as it’s called. Galleries, studios and popular restaurants all line the streets of that lively downtown district.

Plus, you can’t beat the sunshine. With its year-round warm climate, Phoenix ranked No. 12 in the world for best weather.

According to the rest of the report, the best 10 cities in the world include:
1. London, England
2. Paris, France
3. New York City, USA
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Rome, Italy
8. Madrid, Spain
9. Singapore, Republic of Singapore
10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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